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Bonte of meaning is kindness and sincerity.
we value these things for our work.
Why don’t you think about your health beauty with us?

About us

Health beauty
A healthy person is beautiful. Health and beauty are inextricably linked. We support your health and beauty with total care.
Our service
We offer various service. Shiatsu, Oil Massage, Foot and Head massage, Acupuncture, facial beauty, etc. It is possible to combine each menu.
Treatment that suits each person
We will ask about your body history. Please feel free to tell us anything. Female staff working, so it is easy to talk about women’s troubles.
Relaxing space
There is a partition in the treatment room. You can relax comfortably. We prepare clothes and combs and hair rubber.


Name Bonte
Address 〒253-0013 3-41, Akamatsu-cyo, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken
Business hours 11:00 – 23:00
Holiday Not fixed
not fixed Tsujido Station, Approximately 10 minutes on foot
Parking 3 free parking lots (1 behind the store, 2 others)
Payment Cash, credit card, Transportation electronic money, QR code settlement ,other
phone number 0467-95-7764(Reception time 10:00-22:00)
Email enable reception settings.)
Appointment We accept appointment from mail form under the site.



This is a massage that pushes the body with fingers and elbows. It is effective for fatigue recovery, shoulder stiffness, neck stiffness, back pain.etc.. You can relax physically and mentally.

20min ¥ 2,100
40min ¥ 3,900
60min ¥ 5,600
80min ¥ 7,200
10min extension ¥ 1,000

Oil massage
This is massaged directly onto the skin using a fragrant essential oil. You can recover from swelling and fatigue.

50min ¥ 5,500
70min ¥ 7,200
90min ¥ 8,900

Foot massage
This massage is from the knees to the soles. Press the point on the sole. It can control it not to hurt too much.

30min ¥ 3,200

Head massage
This is a massage around the head and eyes.Relieves head stiffness and eye fatigue.

30分 ¥ 3,200

Facial beauty
Cleansing → Face massage → Face pack → Moisturizing.  Face massage raises facial slack. The pack contains swallow’s nest extract with a lot of beauty ingredients.

40min ¥ 4,600

Body acupuncture
This uses a needle to improve The needle is disposable. A national qualified person will treat The needle is safe.

First time ¥ 4,200
After the second ¥ 3,200

Face acupuncture
This is a needle on the face and head. It has the effect of increasing blood flow, making skin beautiful and raising the face.

30min ¥ 3,600
Body&Face acupuncture
This provides total body and face treatment. Physical problems affect the face. We support total beauty.
80min ¥ 6,500
Set menu

SHIASTU(25min)+Head(25min) ¥ 4,900
SHIASTU(45min)+Head(25min) ¥ 6,500
SHIASTU(65min)+Head(25min) ¥ 7,900
SHIASTU(40min)+Foot(30min) ¥ 6,500
SHIASTU(60min)+Foot(30min)  ¥ 7,900
SHIASTU(60min)+Head(30min)+Foot(30min)  ¥ 9,900
Oil massage(50min)+Head(30min)  ¥ 7,900
Oil massage(90min)+Head(30min) ¥ 1,1000
Oil massage(50min)+Facial beauty(40min) ¥ 9,200
Oil massage(80min)+Facial beauty(40min) ¥ 11,500
Oil massage(50min)+Face acupuncture(30min)  ¥ 8,200
Oil massage(90min)+Face acupuncture(30min) ¥ 12,000
Oil massage(60min)+Head(30min)+Face acupuncture(30min)  ¥ 12,000


Please write about appointment.
e.g. Service, Date time, Select therapist men and women, etc..
If you have any questions, please write anything.